The Antitraveller
Voyaging Is Victory


Its just a bastard of a city Sydney. Don’t let the hype lead you astray. Don’t bother with a word of it. Stay away from these people. They’ve become mean robots of greed. They’ve been Greekatised by the greedy grumbling property-possesive, financial status-obsessive mammals. You can’t get a few sentences into a conversation with a Sydney animal without suburbs and property prices being mentioned. What a boring fucking bunch. The Australian spirit has been raped and corrupted starting here in Sydney and spreading. Election after election was won by class war-mongering business-serving cunts until the dopey electorate felt the pinch of interest rate rises and what it might mean to their investment properties. You have to be fucking joking.


Its just in their bastard eyes Sydney. The way they arrogantly refuse eye contact. Who the fuck do you think you are? I should smack every bitch and cunt one of them. In their shiney four-wheel drives. Driving private education down Bully Cunt Road. We know it all. You and your imagined superiority. You know it all, if you can read at all. Its everywhere what you’re doing to society, the dirt and blood is starting to stain your souls and you wash it away during the evening news while they’re reporting blood and dirt. Come on, I am not stating anything that isn’t plainly obvious. Yet your arrogant climb continues. Up through boring tasteless suburbs and shopping centres, everything over-priced and unstylish. Thats the real treat, you people have zero fucking class. You’re pigs and your language of Oink has become the global lingua franca. Thats your only damn power. Globalisation of the spoilt pig. And its a power that saddens as much as it angers those who are powerless to your sleigth-of-hand violence. Watching you step over people. Sometimes I think you dont even like what you’re doing. You catch yourself being so bimboistically cold and mean without even thinking about it, but its too late, it works, being a fucking bitch or cunt. What to do with you.


It’s in their avoidance of eye contact. A Sydney animal doesnt look you in the eyes when you pass them. They look you over and then look away. It starts when they’re children. They learn to be evil fuckers from primary school age on. They see their parents. They must see a power gained in arrogance. That must be it.


And so they’re raised, bastardised children without social moeurs. Greedy, egoists, shallow know-it-alls, fast-tracked into parasitic positions high up on the neck of the nations spirit. Sucking the life out of us while driving new cars through societys traffic, no courtesy, no patience. So beautiful they’ve become, glamorously obese in soul and mind, in command of themselves and the power bestowed upon them.


I’m out there in it everyday.


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