The Antitraveller
Voyaging Is Victory

Mammal at The Annandale, 26 Sept 2008

I caught the bus from Central, along Parramatta Road. I watched a fat lady squeeze herself between two people on the seats across from me. I got off the bus a few stops before the pub. I walked along and drained the hipflask of scotch, carefully placed the empty bottle at a bus stop then crossed the road. I wanted to get rock n roll man, you know it, and I walked past the bouncer checking IDs and went to the bar and got a scotch, leant back and looked for chicks. There were some sexy little fuckers in there, but you know Sydney bitches, one eye on their phones and the other on their competition, mostly no time for cock. But I leaned against the bar anyway waiting for an old colleague of youth to come. You know those friends you have when youre young, but as you grow your lives drift apart. I wont go into the details, but the class divide makes Sydney a shithole. So I thought about the thesis I am writing on the working class and kept looking at the women. Thinking about the economic crisis, the crisis the crisis and the massive bailout. I needed to talk about this with someone! Its bigger than fucking Sept 11 baby! Where was the youth in fervent discussion about what was happening, the absolute hypocrisy of cry baby capitalism??!! Try to get people talking about this, they just dont get how huge this is. No fucking idea how this is going to suck soul from our lives for decades. Is it only the academics and flakey reporters who are interested in this??? Or maybe its just Sydney. I have noticed since living here that they are indeed the most dim-witted vacant-souled power-idolising pushy bimbos and pricks that I have ever come across, or on or in. Jesus fuck wake up you slow glamorous cunts! Anyway I was the coolest in there and I was standing out. Girls were noticing me, guys were noticing me. Thats just what happens when you’re the Wolf.

Skip the expired mateship chit chat, lets get to the band. Its all on their website so I wont elaborate, but Mammal were one intense little fucking band to participate with. Meaning you have to destroy yourself physically as much as the singer does to rack up the 10/10 for this fucking gig. I sweated more than my 12 Km runs baby. And thats the way it should be! Get to all the hot concerts and thats what youre looking for. That physical transcendant moment where your body becomes part of their music. Those that know will know it and thats all. Please, try a little raging against the machine brothers and sisters, youre the Majority and all that!! Or atleast start thinking about it for fuck sake.



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