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January 15, 2009

The multitude exists as a majority of the worlds population who have access only to a minority of total global wealth. Before analysing the global political economy that perpetuates this multiplicity of exploited singularities, it would do well to provide some postcards of inequality in the world today. The statistics present a striking picture of […]

Mammal at The Annandale, 26 Sept 2008

September 27, 2008

I caught the bus from Central, along Parramatta Road. I watched a fat lady squeeze herself between two people on the seats across from me. I got off the bus a few stops before the pub. I walked along and drained the hipflask of scotch,┬ácarefully placed┬áthe empty bottle at a bus stop then crossed the […]

Sydneys Glamourous Ugliness

September 22, 2008

Break away dance broken fall through the hurtful mystery close your eyes and look down and back button your tie collar breathe out your life they’ve watching me watch princes everywhere and rivers of platinum drains blocked with diamonds and flooded streets

Rebranding Sydney

June 12, 2008

the Tourism Minister recently announced an additional $40 million to be spent on tourism development over three years. In the next three months, industry representatives will be asked to help formulate an action plan, including how best to rebrand Sydney. — rebranding sydney to the world ‘Visit Sydney – come and talk property prices with […]


April 6, 2008

Its just a bastard of a city Sydney. Don’t let the hype lead you astray. Don’t bother with a word of it. Stay away from these people. They’ve become mean robots of greed. They’ve been Greekatised by the greedy grumbling property-possesive, financial status-obsessive mammals. You can’t get a few sentences into a conversation with a […]