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Mammal at The Annandale, 26 Sept 2008

September 27, 2008

I caught the bus from Central, along Parramatta Road. I watched a fat lady squeeze herself between two people on the seats across from me. I got off the bus a few stops before the pub. I walked along and drained the hipflask of scotch, carefully placed the empty bottle at a bus stop then crossed the […]

World Bank – making the worlds poor more productive slaves

April 16, 2008

Aid and Trade: The World Banks mission to make the worlds poor more productive slaves.     According to the World Bank its mission is to “   fight poverty with passion and professionalism for lasting results”. Its seems a mission of noble intent, and indeed its reports and presidents speeches repeat it over and […]


April 9, 2008

you know it all, but here it is again for you     Hegemonic stability theory states that a degree of order among the anarchic international system of nation states can be achieved by a predominant military and economic power, that can dominate the “rules and arrangements by which international relations, political and economic,are conducted”. […]