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World Bank – making the worlds poor more productive slaves

April 16, 2008

Aid and Trade: The World Banks mission to make the worlds poor more productive slaves.     According to the World Bank its mission is to “   fight poverty with passion and professionalism for lasting results”. Its seems a mission of noble intent, and indeed its reports and presidents speeches repeat it over and […]

Five Great Travellers Books

April 13, 2008

1. Candide by Voltaire Awesome little travel book, first published in 1759 but fresh like it was written last week. 2. The Colossus Of Maroussi by Henry Miller Tropic of Cancer is a great travel book too, but this one of Miller in Greece is full of traveller inspiration and beauty. 3. The Mosquito Coast by […]


April 9, 2008

you know it all, but here it is again for you     Hegemonic stability theory states that a degree of order among the anarchic international system of nation states can be achieved by a predominant military and economic power, that can dominate the “rules and arrangements by which international relations, political and economic,are conducted”. […]


April 6, 2008

Its just a bastard of a city Sydney. Don’t let the hype lead you astray. Don’t bother with a word of it. Stay away from these people. They’ve become mean robots of greed. They’ve been Greekatised by the greedy grumbling property-possesive, financial status-obsessive mammals. You can’t get a few sentences into a conversation with a […]